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Victory belongs to Jesus is a hit single from Todd Dulaney’s album “A Worshipper’s Heart”. The music has been an inspiration for millions of Christians around the world and it has moved many to come to church. This song as well as the album topped charts for Gospel music. Ever since 2011 when Todd Dulaney released his first album “Pulling Me Through”, the artist has seen a lot of success. Here are some interesting facts and the back story of the song and the singer. Also find Victory Belongs to Jesus lyrics and chords.

About Singer Todd Dulaney

Todd Anthony Dulaney is a gospel musician from Illinois, but he is relatively recent to the music industry. Todd Dulaney used to be a baseball player but left the sport to pursue gospel music. His debut album “Pulling Me Through” was received well, and it got a lot of attention. Since then, he has completed two more albums. The most recent: Your Great Name was released in January of 2018. Victory belongs to Jesus is a song from the album “A Worshipper’s Heart”.

The album was a huge success as quickly as it was released in April 2016. It topped Billboards Gospel Album Charts, and overall, it scored at No. 150. The album was received well and a big part of that success was this song. It also peaked at No. 13 on the Independent Albums chart.

About Victory Belong to Jesus Song

Todd Dulaney  has been very expressive about his inspirations for the album in general and for the song in particular. According to Todd Dulaney, he was exposed to the church and Christianity from an early age, and he was trained by devout parents. Now, his aim is to extend that same warmth towards those who haven’t had the same training. His aim is also to spread the word of Jesus to the world and inspire them to follow scripture.

Critics and music bloggers have fallen in love with the song, not only for the beautiful lyrics and the message, but also because of the way it is performed. Singers will feel the passion in every vocal cord struck by the choir and by Todd Dulaney in the song. The rhythm and the warmth of this song makes it such a powerful tool to deliver an amazing message of piety.

The song was received with praise on the social media and many other artists performed breathtakingly beautiful covers of the song. Miranda Curtis was one of these singers and her performance also got viral. This is an indication of the fact that the song, Victory belongs to Jesus, was received warmly by everyone.

The theme of Dulaney’s music is to invigorate his listeners to listen to the music and be inspired to renew their faith and to make bold confessions of it. In fact, this song and a few others are used in worship services all over America. Victory Belongs to Jesus has the qualities of an anthem and it is a song that bridges the culture gap among all Christian communities all over the world!

About Victory Belongs to Jesus Lyrics

The lyrics of the song are breathtaking, and they will give listeners goosebumps. There are passages of beautiful prose and an even more beautiful message that is delivered lucidly.

This is a beautiful song with an inspirational message and a mission to give others the gift of knowledge and good sense about the message of Jesus. Much like the rest of the album by Todd Dulaney, the song holds nothing but praise to the Lord as truth.

Though Victory belongs to Jesus is perhaps the most beautiful and fan favorite song, there are other songs with a variety of Christian messages. You will find live music videos and performances of these tracks online. It even got Todd Dulaney a Grammy nomination!

From songs like The Anthem which is the hit single and lead almost all gospel music charts for a long time, to other beautiful songs such as Greater, the album offers listeners a unique experience of spiritual discovery and enlightenment.

Every song has depth and every song is sung with heart. The vocals are mind-blowingly rich and deep, and the music is spot on so that the whole ambience is one of beauty and grace. Dance in the Rain is a song so full of meaning, that it could even have been extended into two songs! Comparing that to Fall on Us, which is a song that fills everyone’s hearts with love and joy. Unchurched tells the story of a man who looks for god outside the Church, and it is full of meaning. However, the star of the show and perhaps the best song in the album would be Victory belongs to Jesus.

Todd Dulaney Victory Belongs to Jesus  Lyrics and Chords

Who can stand against the Lord
No one can, No one will
Who can stand against the king
No one can, No one will

Ohhh, ohhh
Victory Belongs To Jesus
Victory belongs to Him

We put our trust in you
We put our hope in you

You will deliver, you’re a provider
I find my victory in you
Forever victorious, forever we win
I find my victory in you

Victory Belongs To Jesus
Victory belongs to Him

Ohhh, ohhh
Victory Belongs To Jesus
Victory belongs to Him

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