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Family is a small church. Christian family creates safe environment, where each family member is accepted as he or she is. Family creates conditions for our growing and learning. These are main topics we will discuss here.

Avoid family budgeting mistakes

Christian Family Budgeting Mistakes. Strategies and tips to avoid them

Many Christian families get into financial problems simply because they do not have any idea where their money is going until it is gone. For today's lifestyle keeping track of income and expenses, family...
5 Negative Body Language Signs to never ignore from your partner

5 Negative Body Language Signs to never ignore from your partner

For those who know how to notice, body language sometimes says much more than words. Professionals can quickly tell when a person is lying, feeling depressed, or relaxed. Here are 5 Negative Body Language...
Bad parenting avoid tips

Poor and bad parenting skills. 5 tips and advice for Christian family

Bad parenting arises as a result of subsequent acts of poor nurturing of kids that invariably harm their conduct and mindset. Some parents, later on, may feel guilty and will try to reconcile but...
what to do in retirement

What to Do in Retirement to Stay Joyful

Retirement is the long awaited chapter in one's life where you finally have all the time to do what you really want and have been dreaming of. Retirement brings leisure time and ease to...
food addiction

Addicted to Food? Three Ways to Break the Cycle of Food Addiction

Overeating and obesity are often attributed to things like lack of willpower, metabolism, or genetics. However, a growing number of studies (including those in animal research) are disclosing that food addiction ...
Leadership and management Three basic Rules of good online Teamwork

Leadership and management: Three basic Rules of good online Teamwork

Leadership and management: the three basic rules of good online teamwork. Online teamwork works particularly well when there are standard rules for participation, communication, and meetings. How can we communicate effectively and well with our...
Leadership skills

Developing Leadership Skills at Home. 5 the most important skills

Leadership skills are not inherited; they are learned through training. The first training ground we find ourselves in is home, the smallest unit of any society. When you develop the most important and good...
Back to work

Back To Work After Vacation: How to Do This Successfully

Vacation is a great and exciting moment for us to relax and spend quality time with our friends and loved ones. Just as God wants us to work hard and be fruitful in Genesis-...
Living with alcoholic father steps how to respect him

Dealing and living with alcoholic father. Steps how to respect and support

For those people who grew up in a home where father is responsible, supportive, caring and loving, it can never be difficult to love and respect such father. But what about in the case...
Caring old parents

Elderly care, what does Bible teach about caring old parents

Christianity’s understanding of family and elderly care is rooted deeply in the soil of ancient Israel. When Moses descended Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments, he laid the foundation for Israel’s government and Western...