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Faith is basis of all our life. Here you will find actual articles about everything what is important for growing and deepening your faith – Bible, Jesus, Church and Ministry.

Bible verses for the day Gal 6:9

Don’t become discouraged Bible Verses for the Day Gal 6:9

Don't become discouraged Bible verses for the day Don't become discouraged about doing good. Gal 6:9 The Bible verses for the day, tell you clearly - Don’t be disappointed and start hating the world if people...
Biblical principles of the Christian family

Biblical Principles of the Christian Family

The family is God's creation. In God's Word, as recorded in the Bible, we discover the basic principles of the family, which guide the Christian family's life. These biblical principles of the Christian family...
Identity in Christ verses Know who you are

Identity in Christ verses – Know who you are

As Christians, our identity is rooted in our faith in Jesus Christ. Understanding the basic principles and arguments for our identity in Him and how to identify ourselves as Christians is essential. You will...